Wednesday, April 30, 2014

21: April - State of the Prototype

Exciting times in Space Frontier production as our 4th and final Prototype (before the Kickstarter is completed anyway) is currently being printed. I've been working like mad on the cutting mat trying to slice out our game as fast as possible. Looking at the prototype pieces side by side really is staggering.  Our new one just blows every other old prototype out of the water. The map tiles are very difficult and time consuming to cut out but the cards are done.  Next will be market shards and a few other miscellaneous pieces and then... WE'RE DONE!  Cards are finished as of this afternoon and I think it will likely be 2-4 days until the rest is done.  This means that the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign is very close.  Hopefully within the month of May but certainly before the end of June.  I'll post some complete game shots as soon as a complete prototype exists but for now I'll stop talking and start posting pictures.

More Pictures below the break!