Wednesday, January 3, 2018

26: 1300 days later, Space Frontier, The Resurrection

So. Here we are 3 and a half years later. Our Kickstarter didn't fund. It went pretty well actually, netting $12,279 in pledges, but falling quite short of our $35,000 goal. If you don't fund in Kickstarter, you don't get anything, and so it ended up costing John and I about $1,000 in now lost forever add costs.

And so momentum petered to a halt. But it never did stop.

I have been working on Space Frontier since my last blog post, just a lot more intermittently because I got a full time job and have had one ever since. The first months of Space Frontier, when I was updating this blog semi-regularly, I was unemployed, and I considered Space Frontier and its development my job. However with full time work came a lot less free time, and so my energy and time was spent on many other things.

But still some Space Frontier. Always a little Space Frontier.

Our plans actually didn't change much after we didn't get funded on Kickstarter, it just initiated a new harsher reality. All the things that I couldn't do very well or very fast, I had to do anyway, because we didn't have the money to pay somebody fast and talented to do it instead. So Space Frontier has been developed very slowly, due to that lack of free time and money to hire professionals to speed up the process.

So why now? Why after 1,300 days would I bother to update this Blog? Well, the reason is actually very exciting. The reason is because the game is done. Space Frontier is done. I'd still like to get some more art, and there will always be play-testing and rulebook tweaks, but the core mechanics, components, and lastly the full color rulebook are complete.

That means that new print-and-plays, prototypes, and gameplay can all happen. It means that a new Kickstarter is a potential reality. It means that I'm more excited than I've been in... 1,300 days about Space Frontier. As always there's a lot of work to do, but I'm not dreading it anymore. No longer is it the seemingly insurmountable task that was years away of completion. Completion is today and a new set of goals is tomorrow. I regret not keeping this blog updated throughout the last few years. I've certainly thought about it many times, but I hope that actually doing it signals how exciting this is.

I'll have new updates soon about the state of the prototype as well as other thoughts.

It's good to be back, in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

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