Sunday, September 22, 2013

10: Opportunities On The Horizen

So in the last few days several very interesting things have happened and I thought "why not blog about it?" Alright; here we go!

  1. I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with a nice gentleman named Aiden who I met online over at  We met at a game store I'd never been to before called Green Lake Games.  We had a fun game, but that's not the part that is news.  The store owner, Dan, said that he owns his own publishing company, and would be interested to take a look at Space Frontier's prototype.  Very cool.  Also cool is that he said every Wednesday at his shop is open board game night, and we should bring in our prototype to blind play test it, which I have been looking for opportunities to do.
  2. Last post, I got a comment from Richard Bliss, The Game Whisperer, who runs a Kickstarter themed podcast called Funding the Dream.  You should go check it out if you have any interest in Kickstater news.  I have been listening to his podcast for several weeks and enjoy the content and easy to digest 20-25 minute format.  Seeing him take enough notice of our little project to actually say hello was very much appreciated.  His comment is the first this blog has ever received and while I hope it gets more soon, it will easily hold me over until then to have such a big name even marginally connected to us.
  3. I have received a quote from Board Game King Tom Vasel for a game preview and... he's expensive. Almost $400.  I don't think John and I will be able to afford that, as much as we want to get a Dice Tower review.  I don't blame Tom though.  His popularity is his undoing.  As he explained to me, he is constantly having to increase prices because he is too busy to meet the demand for his previews and reviews.
  4. On another review note, I have contacted several free play-testing and review websites.  I won't mention them by name here until they say yes or no, but I am waiting to hear back from about half a dozen sources.  I have also contacted several forum websites such as Boardgamegeek, HCrealms, and Warseer and gotten advertisement pricing quotes.  Our Facebook page is live, but unimpressive and being worked on, and I imagine at some point we'll have to sign up for Twitter.
  5. In terms of pricing and quotes, I have a meeting scheduled with Chris Prichard, John, and myself to figure out how best to spend the rest of our art budget.  We want to be prepared for Kickstarter, and that means having enough art to get the backers interested while still having enough money left over to advertise our campaign.
  6. We have asked for 3 quotes, all based on game component complexity, from Panda Games and should hear back from them sometime early this week.  
So, that's a lot of things that are probably going to happen, maybe.  I'll keep this blog updated on what actually goes down as Space Frontier continues to get closer to it's Kickstarter Campaign kickoff.



  1. Friend of John's, been reading your blog every so often during my lunch breaks. Figured I'd say hi and be the second comment on your blog! Very impressed with the frequency and detail of your posts. Keep up the work! Hopefully I can playtest your game next time John is back in Seattle!

  2. Hopefully the day will come soon when I can no longer keep count of the comments made here, but until that day, I am happy to get #2. John will unlikely be able to be in Seattle before we launch our Kickstarter, although a possible trip plan is pending; it is unlikely. The reason for this is our Kickstarter Launch... is VERY soon. Your comment has given me an idea for another post detailing our recently completed timetable. I will give the details there. If you want to play-test the game, I will be appearing tomorrow, September 25, 2013, at Green Lake Games, with the latest version of our prototype for purposes of blind playtesting. I should arrive around 5 PM and will be there until closing.